About Us

Xudera a “Consumer Focused” Software company that pioneered “In-App” Advertising and Purchasing with its patented Multi-language Digital Travel Guide (DTG), Digital Restaurant Guide (DRG) and Digital Shopping Guide (DSG) Applications.

With rapid growth of permeating connectivity, mobility has become a valuable enterprise strategy tool to enhance digital engagement, and deliver results.  We add the awesome that ensures applications perform at their best. This requires innovative thinking, tireless dedication, and unparalleled excellence.

We strive to deliver great experiences with interactive in-app advertising and purchasing technology that enables the world’s leading Brands, Corporation, Ad Agencies and Local Advertisers to engage with users of our Application.


Xudera’s interactive In-App Advertising and Purchasing technology offer participating brands, local advertisers and publishers App analytics that tracks purchases, clicks, or simply time spent in each app page. App Analytics also uses real-time reporting to show you who’s using your app, as they use it. Behavioral features like Event Tracking and Flow Visualization show you the exact screens where users take action, pause or disappear

Our industry-leading measurement solution for evaluating the effectiveness of in-app advertising .